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Last updated: 05/03/12
Widmer Engineering Inc. was founded in 1974 by Joseph H. Widmer.  What started out
as one man's dream has grown into a firm with 3 offices and 75 employees. The
organization is now a recognized contender for all engineering projects throughout
Western Pennsylvania. Diversification has been a major strength. We have always strived
to provide a quality service at a reasonable fee. Keeping up with current technology,
although costly, has been a tremendous asset to both our organization and our clients.
We have found no project to be too large or small. This has proven to be an additional
fundamental difference between Widmer Engineering Inc. and other similar firms. We
expect to provide each and every client with the same service, regardless of contract
value. This is extremely important to us and we want each client to choose our
organization because they know who we are, they know our staff, our excellent prior
performances and our desire to satisfy each and every client.